One of the aims of the club is to be able to supply the “harder to find” varieties of Piranha to interested owners in the United Kingdom.

Currently, it is very rare that you would be able to find any of the Serrasalmus or Pygocentrus breed in your local fish shop except for the good old faithful Red Bellied Piranha (Pygocentrus Nattereri). The reasons for this vary as a lot of Aquarium shops concentrate more on the more common breeds or fresh and salt water fish, which satisfy the general home aquarium keeper. This is probably one of the contributing facts as to why the keeping of other types or Piranha is not so common, as no one could get their hands on them, so never thought about it. Well, that’s about to change.

We now have, through a very reputable exotic fish importer in the United States, the opportunity to receive these breeds of Piranha directly into the UK. These fish are all imported into the US direct from their home countries including Brazil and Venezuela, and are a mixture of captive bred and wild caught Piranha. These breeds include:-

Pygocentrus Caribe

Pygocentrus Piraya

Pygocentrus Ternetzi

Serrasalmus Rhombeus

Serrasalmus Elongatus

Serrasalmus Manuelli

Serrasalmus Brandtii

Serrasalmus Spilopleura

Serrasalmus Geryi

For more details on each of these fish and others, please refer to our “breeds” section where several of our experienced members have detailed the individual fish’s appearance, personalities, eating habits and proper housing requirements.

We are in no way saying that we are an online Aquarium shop, because we are not. We just have the opportunity to receive breeds of Piranha which would otherwise be hard or impossible to find in your standard UK Aquarium shop. We make no profit from the fish. We charge you the price our US supplier charges us, that is guaranteed. Because of this, you will make very large savings. This is totally legal and is done in the full knowledge of both the US animal departments and the UK authorities. VAT on the fish is paid to the Inland Revenue and official vet papers are filled out to guarantee the health of the Piranha.

So, what do you do to be part of the next order? Firstly, you will need to become a member of the UK Piranha Club. The main reason for this is, the prices we receive are very competitive and we are not prepared to advertise them on the internet or this site directly. On joining, you will receive the current price list and then will also be able to send us requests for different species you may require. Being a member also makes it a lot easier regarding organising payment and pickup of the Piranha. The current price for membership is only £10.00 per year and this goes towards the running of our website and any surplus is put aside in case of any fish loss in transit or helping lower some of the costs involved in importing fish i.e Freight charges, vet fees etc.

If you have any questions regarding either joining our fast growing club or the importing of Piranha fish into the UK, please email me on [email protected]